How well did the polls do in projecting the 2019 election result?

After somewhat poor showings in 2015 and 2017, pollsters in 2019 performed admirably, with all final polls close to the actual result.

General Election 2019

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Authorities to keep an eye on in LE2018

Hey - you! Stop focusing on Westminster.

Trees, Grenfell, Anti-Semitism, Windrush, and Voter IDs - All About the Locals

3rd May will see the first England-wide test of voter support for the country's political parties since the General Election last June.

What’s going to happen in the 2018 local elections?

4,425 seats will be up for grabs on the 3rd of May. Anything other than them emulating last year's general election should be viewed with surprise.

Westminster is a harder nut to crack for Labour than first thought

Tory-held Westminster City Council, the focus for many pundits and activists, is a much tougher job for Labour to take than first thought


Lily Jayne Summers1993 - 2016

On 16 December, 2016, the Co-Founder of Britain Elects, Lily Jayne Summers, sadly passed away.Lily was integral to the development of Britain Elects, working hard on every national election night since its founding in 2013. She was a passionate person committed to the politics she believed in, and she enjoyed the part she played in in helping set up Britain Elects. She was authentic, ambitious, funny, quick witted, always up for an argument, and heartwarming to those who knew her. She was a student at Swansea University, a council candidate for the Labour Party, and formerly active with the Salvation Army.She was a great colleague, but to me she was more my closest friend than anything else. Lily meant so much. I'm shocked and sorry to see her taken from this world at such a young age.- Ben Walker, Co-Founder