Photo: AP (Associated Press)

A new poll conducted by ComRes on behalf of Britain Elects has shed some light on how the public expect Boris Johnson’s premiership would pan out, if elected next week.53% of voters told ComRes they do not believe he will be able to deliver the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union by the 31st October deadline.

They agreed with the statement: “I do not believe Boris Johnson will be able to deliver Brexit by the 31st of October”, whereas 17% disagreed.

The number who do not believe in Boris Johnson’s ability to deliver Brexit to the Halloween deadline include 47% of current Conservative voters and 42% of Leave voters. Three in ten (31%) of those who intend to vote for the Brexit Party, however, disagree, and do hold faith in him to deliver by October.

Britain Elects also commissioned a voting intention with ComRes, which has found the Labour Party ahead, in line with the Britain Elects poll tracker, but ahead of the governing Conservative Party by only 3pts – down from 4pts last week.

Westminster voting intention:
Labour: 28% (-)
Conservative: 25% (+1)
Brexit Party: 19% (-1)
Liberal Democrat: 17% (+2)
Green: 5% (-)
Scottish National: 4% (+1)
Changes against ComRes survey for the Sunday Express (10 – 11 Jul).

These figures see both Labour and the Tories cement their position in the polls as the top two parties, with the Brexit Party behind the second placed Tories by a margin of 6pts. The ComRes voting intention in the early days of June had this gap at 1pt.

Amongst Leave voters, the Brexit Party leads the voting intention with 38% of the vote. Conversely, among Remain voters, Labour takes the lead with 39% of the vote.

Though some are looking at the recent return of red and blue to the top two as a return to normality, it should be noted no party in the past two months has scored 30% or more in a voting intention; and that this supposed return to normality would still represent a significant loss of support for both Labour and the Conservatives.

ComRes poll commissioned by Britain Elects
Sample Size: 2,038 GB Adults
Fieldwork: 15 – 16 July, 2019